Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Following KCWC // kiiiind of :)

I absolutely LOVE a good garage sale/thrift store find & I have a lot of family and friends who know me well and will pick up their random finds for me as well. This is super awesome since I rarely get to go and browse due to the kids. With that, you'll get some stray clothes that just aren't your STYLE, like this little 4t jumper. It's super because it has shorts under the skirt, but I really wasn't digging the idea of Lily unbuttoning it each time she needed to go to the bathroom. It screamed "asking for accidents." 

I decided to try and follow the KCWC *(kids clothing week challenge) where you sew for an hour each day ... or whatever you can manage. Just to GET THINGS DONE! 

What I decided to do was pull the top & suspenders off and just leave the cute little skirt. 

I wasn't a huge fan of the buttons and it was a bit plain, so I took the buttons off of it and went through my stash of ribbons/lace for inspiration. I've been absolutely digging SUPER girly girl clothing lately. Lots of lace/ruffles/HUGE skirts/dainty flowered prints etc. 

I though this piece of lace needed to be here. It highlights the flap on the skirt but doesn't change anything about the skirt. It's still easy to match up with a white or purple top and very simple. I must say, it's a bit simple for my clothing taste although my sewing skills are limited and I'm finding it difficult to think of anything I can add to it without ruining it! lol 

I'll be working this week on a few things I've had laying around. I've got some great vintage fabric that I've been looking for an excuse to use. I just can't figure out what pattern to use it with. The one I had called for a knit, which it isn't. darn it. I really don't see myself going out and buying more patterns either. The ones I have still need to be used! BUUUUT we'll see what happens!

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