Sunday, April 15, 2012

baby announcements

Yay, I finally found the cord that links my camera to my computer. 
Photos are back up and running! 

Lately I have been making a lot of these birth announcements. It's showing its positive and negatives. They are a ton of fun, BUT they made me realize I have no number stamps?? HOw is this possiBle? 

I had to back-track and find a better way to make them, here's my first ones:

First it annoyed me to write the stats...

The photo was printed using an instagram photo i took. <3 that app.

Then I didn't really like having the photo adhered to
card, it would be hard to keep the photo. Hm. 

SO, I went back to my iphone &took a picture of his footprints, used phonto (iphone app) to add stats & ordered another set of prints at postalpix <---- the awesome app I found to print my instagram pics. Quick and easy, plus I love getting them in the mail (no taking kids to pick up photos ! ) Also, I grabbed a pack of pre-made patterned cards I had in my stash. It made adding embellishments & the new photo much easier!


Love how the doilies look on this paper &a quick sentiment adhered. One
of those $1 stamps that is perfect. 

REuse! :) , got this twine on a package of clothes sent for his birth. 

I liked these cards much better. They had the picture of him tucked inside for the recipient to keep. I even liked how my kitchen table was in the instagram pic. I dig the imperfect look.

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