Monday, August 4, 2014

The All-Spice Dress in Floral & Ruffles

My final All-Spice tester dress is another intricate one. Yeah, I could have quickly sewn up something to satisfy my role as tester, but how much fun is that?? Lily loves everything ruffles and girly, which if fine with me although I'm not a huge fan of them. If you remember, not too long ago I changed my mantra to "quality rather than quantity." I want my kids to wear their handmade clothing happily, and if that means taking a bit of extra time on them then I'll do it. 

For this dress she picked out the blue floral fabric I had used to make my second plush pony. I had plenty of extra after creating it and was happy to use it again. To subdue the busy pattern, I decided to add my own little twist and have a sheer layer cover the skirt. I remembered how someone pointed out the interesting neckline on my second version, so I accentuated it with a ruffle there as well. 

Its fits her beautifully and those cascading ruffles ... they are winning me over guys! 

Because I wanted to show off the gorgeous details of the pattern, I bucked up and did a complete photo-shoot.  Thanks to the Style That Kid e-book by Alida I was able to pick as hairstyle that matched my overall look and find a location that gave some great contrast to the softness of the dress. 

Again, this dress will be available for sale soon! I was working with the sleeveless version, but there's an option for flutter sleeves, cap sleeves, and long sleeves too!


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