Wednesday, August 20, 2014

From the Saturn to a tractor...

Well hey there!

It happened. 
Do you see that photo up there? Yeah, that's us! 
A few weeks ago, my husband sat down and discussed with me how much we needed a tractor. On the list of reasons? Well, the weeds have grown almost ten feet tall on all ten acres of our land ... no way can they be mowed and hiring someone to come every few weeks is expensive. 

Alright, so what next? Eventually we came to the conclusion that we didn't need three cars... (duh) and the Saturn, which was the first car I bought *all by myself*, was the likely candidate to go. We can't fit all the necessary car-seats in it, and it can't be used to haul materials. It was basically just sitting in the drive depreciating. 

About a week later, the Saturn had been sold. A week after that? This showed up at the farm. 
So, it hit me. 
We're totally farmers now, right? I mean, we own a TRACTOR. 
For a suburb girl, that's a pretty big deal. 

Inside the house, things are starting to shape up too.
Yep, this is an improvement. You should have seen it before- nasty rotted sliding door, uneven floors, etc. Chet replaced the door, tore out walls where they were restricting, evened the floors out, and so so so so so much more.

The dry wall is just about complete, then he'll move to mudding and taping. Then paint. Then floors.

All of this is scheduled to be finished by next month. We're really down to the wire now! These photos were taken a few weeks ago, and already so much more has changed. Until then, send some good vibes  our way!

I'll try to keep updating as new things happen!



  1. I am so excited for you Mae!!!! Farm life will be amazing me thinks! ;)

  2. I am SOOO excited to see the transformation!

  3. Way to commit, lady! Transitioning to the “farm life” is not an easy task, but totally worth it. Now, I can’t say my husband traded a car for a tractor. However, I can say I have traded my luxury condo for a farmhouse on the prairie. And I could not be happier about the choice!

    My husband and I carved out our little slice of heaven. We would love to see more of yours! Keep sharing with us!


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