Saturday, August 13, 2016

Romper in Fox Tails from Organic Cotton Plus

Good afternoon! 

I'm back today to talk about a company I've worked with many times in the last two years, Organic Cotton Plus. I've been reviewing their fabric and sharing with you all the gorgeous items that can be made with their products. This time is no different, and I chose to use a pattern that I created to showcase the Foxtails Fabric as well as the grey twine I ordered from OCP. 

When I opened my newest package I was ecstatic about the feel of this fabric. The navy, peach, and grey color scheme is so perfect!  These happen to be go to colors for me, but I love navy for children as it is just so forgiving of stains and all the things that happen when playing. 

It seemed the best way to show off the romper I made her was by taking her to her favorite place on our property, the playground. 

I wanted to use the twine as the straps in this outfit, but they were much too small for that. I wasn't prepared to give up and decided to try braiding it together to create a thicker piece and found it was not only easy, but gave a really pretty effect to the outfit. I'd actually like to try taking three of these braided pieces and braiding them together to create one large thicker braid as well. 

So this pattern is one I created a few years ago when I started my company, Mae & Co. I've been selling these rompers each Spring/Summer and they've become a favorite of my children, my customers, and myself. Paired with some light soft fabric, it makes for the easiest outfit during the hot summer months. It has snaps at the bottom for easy diaper changes/potty breaks and because of it's loose fit it tends to last two seasons, which is pretty amazing in itself. As you can see, Skye had no issues crawling, running, and swinging in her newest outfit and because the fabric isn't showing stains, I'll be packing it up in a few months and keeping it for next year. :) 

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