Friday, July 29, 2016

January Peplum & Izzy Dress in Red White and Blue

Hi! Here with a recap of last month's holiday apparel, which was 4th of July of course! I tend to decide ahem, last minute, to create outfits for the kids. Lucky for me, Archer wanted nothing to do with it and insisted he would NOT like matching shorts for it.

I started with an Izzy Top/Dress for Skye - this free pattern has been a useful one. I've created quite a few of them including faux fur ones for winter as well as summer ones in light airy fabrics. 

I decided to dip into a new destash I received from a family member. The top is a blue courderoy while the bottom is a red linen type woven fabric. Because I didn't purchase it, I'm not 100% sure on it, but that's my best guess. It turned out darling! She's been wearing it happily, and the darker colors keep it from showing stains.  

For my oldest daughter I purchased the January Peplum from Cali Faye. I'd been meaning to purchase some of her patterns for a LONG time- like years- but I kept getting sidetracked with other projects. This time, I was determined to try one, and I really like it! Lily is pretty slender, which I've mentioned many times before, and this fit her so nicely. It was roomy without being huge and awkward, and all without altering the pattern. I know as an 8 year old she isn't always happy to have clothes she needs help putting on like with the zipper in back on this style, but I'm hoping she appreciates the perfect fit enough to move past that. 

They spent the fourth running around the farm eating copious amounts of mulberries, painting themselves with face paint crayons, and doing those little snake fireworks.

While the fourth has long past, I hope it was a special one for all of you as well. See you next time when I share a gorgeous Romper from Organic Cotton Plus!

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