Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Racerback Dress in Teepees and Fringe + quick tutorial

I wanted to jump on and share with you a quick and easy way I've discovered to change the bottom hem of my dresses into fringe. I've been really liking the look that fringe gives with it's movement, but I wasn't sure if I could create the clean precise strips and I wasn't interested in buy fringe trim and hoping that it washed well. 

But, I found a quick and easy solution that I can reuse over and over again. 

Perfect even fringe!

It was pretty simple! I snagged a piece of cardboard I had and began marking it along one edge every .5 inches. I made a mark at the bottom of the cardboard as well as approx. 4 inches up. Once finished I connected the marks to create lines all the way down from the top mark. Using scissors, I carefully cut the slits and made them wide enough for my rotary cutter to slip in between. Label the cardboard piece for a great fringe template. it's easy to store, easy to remake, and gives you a clean and even edging.

Also, if you're looking for awesome fabrics, let me recommend my go-to fabric shop where I buy literally 90% of all my fabrics ----> Phat Quarters Shop ... the fabrics are gorgeous and the service is amazing. 

Have fun fringe lovers! 

Need more inspiration for the FREE racerback dress pattern? Look no further, I've made this dress SO many times!

My first Racerback Dress was very basic but turned out great!

Later I played with adding a lace insert and shortening it for a tank:

Too big tee? Upcycle it!

And, another basic version because it's crazy quick and easy to whip these out. 

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