Thursday, January 19, 2017

Looking Back: SS15

Good afternoon! I've been meaning to get back into updating my blog so that it has some fresh content, though it's always been a struggle to keep up with - which became more difficult after beginning Mae & Co. 

Fortunately, I have amazing sewing/blogging friends like the lovely Karly from Paisley Roots who suggested I get my blog content rolling again by sharing the evolution of my company, which I love! I spend a lot of my time focused on researching patterns, finding coordinating fabrics for each season,  organizing my photoshoots with the photographers, marketing via Facebook and instagram, and sewing the garments my company sells. 

In short, a lot of time and energy goes into each season of Mae & Co. and blogging about that time might just be the best way to keep you all informed. Granted, this will likely not be as updated as my other social media accounts. 

During my first season release for Mae & Co. I had the task of not only designing/sewing my first real collection, but also was getting a crash course in where to purchase material to make the collection. I chose to keep it simple and purchase 3 woven fabrics along with a dark wash denim.

I used a tan print called mocha and a navy print called cookie jar paired together to create two separate looks, a dress and a pinafore/bloomers set. Another woven floral was used to create a romper pattern that I drafted myself. Lastly, I included a boys vest in denim and coordinating cookie jar print also used in the girls items, to tie it all together. 4 pieces: 1 dress, 1 pinafore and bloomer set, 1 romper, 1 vest. It seemed like such a huge task but now that would be such a breeze. Often times I look back at this shoot before I begin the long process of designing a new collection so I can remind myself of this first season of Mae & Co. It does a great job keeping me focused on the original styles that I built the label off of and helps me be more consistent in that aspect. 

Thank you for taking a moment to look back with me. Next up we'll be looking at the FW15 collection and how Mae & Co. grew in just half a year. Have a great end of the week!

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