Sunday, February 1, 2015

Watercolor Dress Remade

Who would have known that the Watercolor Dress I made for Lily last summer would become one of the most adored pieces. It's gotten so much attention on my FB group that I've created two more in size 2t for a customer.

 I thought I'd share since remaking something that was drafted in just one size can be difficult, but I think it turned out lovely. 

In fact, I was able to troubleshoot some of the little issues I noticed from the first dress. 

Mainly, that it needed to be stabilized in the straps to keep them lovely and crisp for many wears to come. 

It was a bit sad using the rest of this fabric. I scoured the fabric store looking to see if they had any left, but I think I'm out of luck. I'll have to keep my eyes open for something equally brilliant.

In other news, nature dropped a big mound of snow onto us last night. It's such a pretty scene! 

A lovely day to stay inside and sew. 


  1. This fabric is really pretty! There are some Spoonflower designers with really nice watercolor fabrics.

    1. Hey- that's really good to know! I'll check it out and thanks for the suggestion. :)

  2. Gorgeous fabric, no wonder you had them hunting for more:)

    1. Ugh, right?!?! Thanks for leaving me some comment love, it's so nice to have faces to put with my readers!


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