Monday, February 9, 2015

KCW Upcycle Spring 2015

This round of KCW was super fun! I only wish I could have seen MORE awesome things. I mean, my upcycled box runneth  over and that's after purging it 6 mo. ago! 

I started with an old sweater thats arms were way too skinny from the start + it had snagged on something and had a hole. Did I wear it like that for years... Uh, no? 😜 ok, maybe. It obviously needed new life. 

Ta dah!! Those tiny arms were perfect for a six year old. It became a size 6 slim Aster Cardigan in no time. Gotta love finished hems. 

Of course lily promptly put that bad dad on and then put on a show for me! And those dance moves. Haha! 

Next I took another old tshirt and The Rowan Tee pattern with modified hood to make a killer Captain America tshirt for Archer. This one took a tad longer because I chose to screen print the red stripes + belt bags onto the white front piece for a more realistic look. It was pretty necessary or he'd file it under "not cool enough" and it'd never see the light of day. It was totally worth it, he's given it two toddler thumbs up and now has an acceptable trade out for his beloved batman costume. I'm relieved, he wears that costume And I'm scarcely allowed to wash it. Ewwww. 

Lastly, Lily got a superhero shirt too! She wasn't totally impressed with the current state of female superheroes and chose to create her own... Sneaker of the Night! 

I haven't heard all the deets yet, but she's basically a ninja superhero who comes out at night to fight crime. Other superpowers are still unknown. 

So, three solid pieces of clothing ain't too shabby. I spent the rest of the week cutting and sewing my new SS15 garments for Mae & Co. I'll be rolling out the first item later this week- wish me luck! 


  1. I love the female ninja superhero! Cordelia has been very frustrated by the fact that we can buy her supergirl/wonderwoman/batgirl undies but she can't actually watch them on T.V! I wish someone would take the hint and give these girls a darn cartoon!


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