Monday, September 8, 2014

Paper Bag Skirts in Blue & Plaid

So there's a huge chasm between those who love paper bag skirts and those who hate them and then there's me standing in the middle seeing both of their points going hmmmm...

First you have those who love them saying: They're so easy! and cute! 
Ok, they're pretty cute, especially when I've seen them with suspenders attached. And easy, yes. Well put paper bag skirt lovers. 

Then the paper bag skirt haters are all like: BUT they're too simplistic, boring, and overdone. 
Alright, I feel you. They're nothing to do a happy dance about. Great for beginners and no, I wouldn't consider myself a beginner. Hm... where do I fall?

I'm staying right here in the middle. I'm not won over by them completely even though they're cute and easy because yes, they are easy and I do enjoy creating things that require a bit more skill. I'm also not writing them off because let's face it- I don't always want/need to make things that take me a week. Sometimes I just want a pretty and easy skirt & paper bag skirts have this covered. 

I also give them props for being a good way to showcase a large print. With bigger prints I think a more simple design is fitting because it's doesn't pull from the fabric. 

So, there they are. A few paper bag skirts for the brick and mortar shop I create for. It's small, it's local, but I'm enjoying that I can sew some items without my daughters taste in mind. I guess the true test will be in the customers, right? Will they buy them up or say eh and move on?


  1. i hope you do super well with this shop - these are cute!

    1. so far it's going really well! Thanks lady!


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