Monday, February 25, 2013

Screen Printing ZIpper Bags

If you feel like my content is random, you're right! 
I'm nearly always moving from one form of art to another in a ... well frenzy of thought. 

As you may remember, at Christmas time I was all about making zipper bags as diy gifts. I totally LOOOOOVE them& how quick and simple they can be. There's a never ending amount of ways you can make them your own.. this being my new favorite. 

Screen printing!

Freezer paper rocks, right? Personalized stuff too? 
Yep& yep. 

A local group called PGHM or Pretty Girl Hate Machine has been a favorite of mine for a few years. 
If you come to Des Moines or enjoy some awesome beats, check them out on youtube or facebook (prettygirlhatemachine ..all one word). 

I love using my needlework + screen printing to give them a bit more complexity& have started adding a little MAE tag to the side. 

I really need to buy personalized tags but have floundered in the attempts... I just get LOST in all the possibilities and different companies to choose from. Anyone have a favorite to suggest??

Alright, I better head out& get back to the daily grind. 

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