Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Reusable Produce Bag Tutorial

Hey everyone, hope your week is going well. 
Ours has been full of fun, you know being sick with the flu and whatnot. BLAH! (bad joke)
Finally, everyone seems to be feeling better and we are back on the regular schedule today, which means a trip to our neighborhood Whole Foods. 

I love that grocery stores are helping their customers become more environmentally friendly by selling and encouraging them to use reusable bags. BUT, like others, I feel really silly using them only to walk into the produce department to use tons of plastic bags and ties to put my produce in. Especially because this is the area I buy most of my groceries. 

So, without blahing on for too long... here is the tutorial which is quite easy ! 

you will need
scissors or a rotary cutting tool
mesh or tulle fabric (anything that's like netting to allow airflow)
snaps or zippers
scraps of fabric (if you use the snaps like i did)
sewing machine (or you can do it by hand)

Step one: 

Cut your netting to the size you'd like your bag. I used pieces of wood to hold it flat. 

Step 2:

Sew around 3 of the edges using a straight stitch. Mine is a bit difficult to see on the white sheet, but you can slightly see it on the blue fabric. 

Step 3:

Fold the top edge & stick your tiny scrap of fabric into the fold (this will keep your snap sturdy so
it doesn't rip the bag when opening and closing) 

Don't forget to do it on both sides! Then sew the fold down and secure those scraps all the way around. 

Step 4:

Although this is actually a different bag, the last step is simple. Add your snap or if you want a zipper you can add that instead. I used a no sew snap because I had them on hand. Then, hit the grocery store in style with your eco-friendly bags!

I found that I could add my scrap fabric all the way around or just where the snap sits and it doesn't matter. Also, I have seen a lot of people make them with drawstrings, which I don't prefer, but it certainly is another option. 

I hope you are all as excited about how easy this project is! You can store your produce in these bags while they are in the fridge because it allows for them to breathe& will keep them crunchy and fresh. 

Thanks for stopping in& if you make some PLEASE come back and link up with me in a comment to show others! 

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