Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paper Mache Photo Frame//Priest & Boys

Note: This piece may offend some!

Recently inherited an old Catholic school book and found, what I thought to be, the most hilarious page  ever. It had a priest on the phone with two young boys and included the caption "A pleasant voice makes friends." 

I used a wooden frame given to me quite some time ago and made a housewarming gift for my ruckus loving girlfriends. They have such a silly sense of humor, just like I do. Took the pages from the book and modge podge in order to cover the frame, then placed the images on top at the end. 

Finished the frame with roses from "Iamroses" and adhered a vintage button from my great grandmother. Really enjoyed how this came out. With a photo of the girls, it will surely be stunning in their new apartment. 

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