Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nautical Themed Girls Dress

Yesterday I made my first attempt at an altered mens dress shirt. I've seen a few of these tutorials on my favorite sewing blogs such as Dana Made It

I like the look of the cuffed arm rather than a short sleeve (plus its winter)... BUT I wouldn't suggest you try this on your first dress as I did. I'm also not a seasoned sewing expert either, you may want to take that into account! 

Here's where I'm at so far. It's nearly finished, but I have to try it on my little lady before changing out the rest of the button and replacing them with the Nautical themed ones.. Why is that? Because I want the belt to be placed at her waist and I wont be able to see where her waist sits until she tries it on. 

I'm replacing the arm buttons with red ones to fit with the theme. White seemed BLAH to me. I lOVE how the red POPS a bit more. 

ISN't it SO cute <3 though?
More photos to follow!


I was able to finish her dress last night but unfortunately I haven't gotten any photos because she wanted to wear it SOOO bad & she went to school early this morning with dad in it. : /  I'm just really glad she likes it!

Made this tiny bow for her hair out of the material.. which suddenly looks
much more blue than the other photos.. hmm. Well, its not.
Final dress, wrinkled from her day of playing in it. 
After washing: TADA! all the stitching stayed in
and I'm amazed to say the buttons were in tact.
Go MOM! 
With her little hair bow <3

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