Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Challenge For January!


HELLO! This is a challenge i'm in at CCL (creating the crafty life)... The goal is to make a list of 31 things I'd like to do in January and try and do AT LEAST one each day.


I'm running LATE! ouch, but had family in town until yesterday and then got a call saying their car broke down 4 hours into a 10hr trip home, ick! So, I'm late with the post, but truly am on schedule for getting things done.. 
Day 1. Made my GOALS
Day 2. Signed up for Lamaze Class
Day 3. Posted it to my BLOG and began preparing for apt. with Ted., Made Mom's Bday Card, Laundry, Vacuum, and Made 2 Christmas Cards with Lily
Day 4. Picked up my Christmas photos from being printed, bought a die and tried my new machine (works great!), and did laundry, I ALSO counted today as a work out because I was carrying so much heavy stuff all day!

Day 5. Vacuumed the upstairs of the house, made 2 Christmas Thank You's with LIly, and worked out. whew, lots of cleaning today. My hubby seemed very pleased to come home from work & see the place look so good.

Day 6. Currently cooking soup for Gma so we can take her present to her tonight and bring dinner, Organized the stamps in my craft room, and Blogged the LO I made for my HS album. <3 Totally did NOT get 2 Christmas cards made with Lily, we were at Grandma's delivering soup/Christmas present last night. Once we got in the car to go home I noticed a piece of paper under my windshield wiper. It read:

To Whom It May Concern:
I witnessed a vehicle hit the driver side of your car. They did not stop, but I took down their license plate number. It is XXXXXX, sorry I did not get the county.
You may call me if you need to XXX XXX XXXX.

So crappy that my car got hit, but um how lucky could I get to have a witness who took a moment out of their day to write down the information. Not only did the plate number show the vehicles owner live AT THE APARTMENT but it also told us that the vehicle was red, which is the color marked all over the side of my car. So, in the end, it will turn out ok.  But, that was my night. lol Thank you lovely citizen!

Day 7. Got together with my MIL and made the final decision for the baby shower including the menu. Next up, send those invites!

Day 8. Spent the day at Target & BabysRus putting together our registry for the baby.

Day 9. Bought the diapers! What an awesome thing to check off our list! We had such a hard time deciding on the right brand/type of diapers to use. My husband is super awesome and did a ton of research on materials, clasps, brands etc. Not only were we able to purchase a brand that was made in America (WOOHOO) but we were really happy with the colors and snap in inserts they used. The brand was called Best Bottoms. I'll have to update on how they work with our baby boy when he gets here. Thats the true test. Oh, and also got our blinds for the nursery too. Feeling very good about today.

Day 10. Ten days into the January daily challenge. I must say it is difficult to always update on my progress. You realize how life doesn't follow your schedule and instead you follow its. Today was my major cleaning day. Usually its Mondays but that just wasn't possible with 3 appointments. So, today I was able to get the floors vacuumed again, do laundry, and later that evening dad & I took turns creating Thank You's with Lily. He hung out while she colored them and I helped her write messages. We absolutely needed to get caught up on it. Funny though, she's getting bored of writing the messages. My response? If you don't want to write a thank you we can't keep the presents. That seems to do the trick.

Day 11. Ah working on Laundry again today. i've had two tough mornings in a row with Lily. "Tough" meaning, she's a complete grump from the moment she wakes up. This morning I sat on her bed and she said "GET OUT OF MY WAY, I'm trying to get out of bed!"  Now, I don't condone rude behavior toward me or anyone in the house. But I understand at times you need to try and turn a bad mood around rather than get instantly upset. "YOU get out of MY way," I say "I'm trying to hug your bed but you're in my way." Totally didn't work, which is frustrating. Next move? Walk away. I told her we don't start our morning that way and she needed to sit in her bed for 5 minutes so we could restart our day. It seemed to help a bit but it was a topic of conversation this morning.
Now that she's at school I can continue with my daily activities: todays goal will be wiping down the kitchen chairs.

Day 12. What a nice and relaxing day. I was able to do some small cleaning around the house, worked on laundry, and in the evening had lily write another thank you for Christmas. She drew the cutest picture of her and her cousin Aubrea. I love seeing her start to put distinguishing features on her work. Before it was a scribble interpreted as a "dinosaur" which would inevitable change each time she looked at the picture. That was also fun. This is just a different fun of seeing how she sees the world around her and what is dubbed important to add to her work. :) I'm making a book online of all of her artwork. I'll probably be able to print it for her 4th birthday, it just didn't have enough photos to print the last time I was on it and I'll need to scan and upload more of them to add.

Day 13. FRIDAY!! woohoo. Even when you are a stay home momma you love the weekends. Lily is staying with Grandma tonight and that means scrap time for me! Working on a lot of valentine's day cards/albums. I'll be posting them soon. Today I took time to sew Archer's baby blanket. I had it pinned for a little while but it hung on the back of my sewing chair. So glad I put it on my January TODO list. Oh, also vacuumed my floors again today after wrestling with my vacuum cleaner for 30 minutes to clear it of a jam. Now THATS persistence. 

Day 14. Not much going on today in terms of my todo list. That's the beauty of only needing to finish one item each day, though I seem to finish more at times. Today I posted my blog on Watercolors. I haven't listed ALL of my blog posts as TODO items because ones like "something wicked this way comes" isn't as useful to you guys as it is to me. BUT, i did finish papering my valentines day album. I must say I'm beginning to feel more confident in my work and how it is turning out. Just understanding how to bind each album the best way and working on consistency has helped me tremendously. I can't wait to decide WHO i will give this album to. It's a really difficult task considering how much work and thought i've put into each of my albums. I want the recipient to really appreciate it. Might consider this one for a family member who recently had a little baby girl? I had been thinking of making her an album but didn't get to it in time for the baby shower. We'll see!

Day 15. Oh good ol' Sunday's. So lazy and relaxed. Lily, dad, and I played Dizzy Dino (is that the name of that silly game?) this morning. I thought it was pretty darn fun. Then I fixed the lighting on her BOX/HOUSE or whatever you call it. The first set of Christmas lights I used were junk and kept running the batteries out super fast. PROBLEM SOLVEd :) ... Also was able to sit down with her and write some thank you's. They make me laugh.

Day 16. Spent today relaxing, but got to do a fun craft with lily this morning. I had taken photos but my iphoto froze up when importing and erased them :/ ... We created some of our own stamps and spent the morning making them into things like robots and houses, we even found a way to make her name!

Day 17. Unfortunately I dropped the ball for today's challenge. My daughters Aunt had her little girl yesterday and I was up at the hospital taking photos and spending time with her all day until I picked up Lily. Then it was time for dinner etc.

Day 18. Today I was able to check off a fun goal on my list... write in my journal. Yep, haven't had the chance to do that in a while though I realize once I start doing it, I'll have a stint of active writing then it will hit the shelf again and not be picked up. That's how my brain works though. I can't seem to remember to write in my journal, stay up to date on bday cards, write in Archers Belly book (my pregnancy journal), keep Lily's memory book up to date, and her monthly Scrapbook all at the same time. I guess after writing it, it does sound a bit over the top. But i'm one who cherishes memories! That's why I'm the TODO list queen. lol

Day 19. On thursday I was able to get a lot done around the house in regards to chores. Then I sat down and read "The Prince of Tides." I'm probably not going to be able to finish it before the month ends. Its got quite a bit of complex vocabulary, which is great, but time consuming since I stop and look up any words that i'm not familiar with. I was also able to write in my journal again today, which was really nice. I miss using it as an outlet. Seems like with my husband around I am able to unload any frustration by talking to him when in my single years I would directly shut myself in my room and write for hours on end. Oh, teenage angst. :)

Day 20. Friday already? Yes, yes it is. Today's checked item was Josh's birthday card. Finally, all of my January cards are finished. Then I gave hubby his massage later that night, I was a bit tired so i might have to consider it a half massage.

Day 21. Today I was able to go get my massage with mom and then do dinner for her birthday (which is technically tomorrow but hey, no problem celebrating a little early!).

Day 22. Sunday Sunday SUNDAY! Did laundry & wrote a blog on homeschooling a preschooler (which I will soon be doing!)

Day 23. Getting to the end of the month now and really dwindling on my list. Was able to Vacuum and worked on organizing Lily and Archer's closet. I've got as much done as I can before dad finishes the shelving, which will probably be in February. He's spent the last 2 weeks working very hard to finish the trim and crown molding in the living and dining room since everyone will be here for the Baby Shower on Saturday. I'm REALLY excited. I even made a paper album as a giveaway item for it// hope whoever gets it will enjoy it!

Day 24. Although the day isn't nearly over I was really happy to spend a TON of time organizing the craft room. I had to wait until I had measured and cleaned out a bunch before I knew what organizing totes would work best. Then headed to Target today and spent about ... eh $50 (i'd say) on organizers. That included:

6 shoe totes
1 (3 tier) small organizer
1 (3 tier) large paper organizer
1 vertical paper organizer
2 white misc baskets

Day 25. Spent the day sewing lily a new dress and getting laundry done... post to follow!

Day 26. Posted about Lily's new Nautical theme dress, more laundry, and lots of phone calls. Ick, anyone dealing with medical bills know how I feel about how much of a mess it can become. More than two years ago I had to have a procedure in the random three month period that I didn't have insurance. I cannot even begin to explain how much trouble it has caused me since then. I'm still getting letters from collecters I've never heard from before saying that its STILL NOT PAID OFF. I just find it very troubling that they can contact me now and demand I pay them when they can't give me any details about what the original bill was for. Seems pretty darn SCAM-ish to me. But the light is at the end of the tunnel!  ALSo, I was able to call the dentist for Lily and I's appointment. 

Day 27. Vacuum, dust, scrub, repeat. All day cleaning for the shower tomorrow. Plus a bit of random projects sprinkled in as well. oh, and the never ending laundry of course. :]

I didn't think that was too bad. I hated spending $15 on the large 3 tier paper organizer but it was going to fit perfectly. :]

Goals for January: ... NOT in order 
1. Make my list of GOALS!( 01/01 check hehehe love this) /// Post it on my BLOG (01/03 CHECK!! )
2. Schedule daughter and I dentist apt 01/26
3. Laundry: 01/03, 01/04, 01/07, 01/10, 01/11, 01/12, 01/19, 01/20, 01/22, 01/25, 01/26, 01/27

4. Birthday Cards for Family! <--using my new bday organizer book of course
a. jan. 15- brock 01/06
b. jan. 22- mom 01/03 
c. jan. 24- josh 01/20

5. Get prepared for apt. with Ted
a. print papers 01/03
b. call for transaction details 01/03
c. call for original paperwork

6. Sign up for Lamaze Classes w/ hubby (CHECK! did that yesterday)
7.  Decide on a cloth diaper and BUY BUY BUY 01/09

8. Register for baby shower  01/08
a. Target
b. Baby's R Us

9. Keep floors clean, aka Vacuum: 01/03, 01/05, 01/10, 01/13, 01/19, 01/23, 01/27
10. Spend time organizing my craft room 01/24 ... specifically ribbons 01/24 and stamps. 01/06, 
11. Buy dies and test out my new cutter 01/04
12. Work Out @ least Twice a week:  <--- Will definitely have to cut this one out// its caused my back too much pain! AFTER the baby gets here I can revamp the workout plan. 
Wk 1: 01/04, 01/05
Wk 2: 
Wk 3:
Wk 4:
13. Scrap at least 1 more pg. on my HS album 01/04
14. Read 1 book given for Xmas : The Prince of Tides
15. Go get my Pedicure
16.  Create @ least 1 art project for Lily 01/16 Homemade stamps <3
17. Write Christmas thank you's with Lily : Trying for 2 each night!
a. Gma C/Gpa T  01/03
b. Great Aunt S  01/03
c. Great Aunt J 01/04
d. Great Aunt D/ Uncle B 01/10
e. Cousin A/J 01/04
f. Gma/Gpa C 01/10
g. Uncle A 01/05
h. Auntie J 01/12
i. Aunt H 01/15
j. Gpa SBC 01/15
k. Auntie M 01/13
l. Gma/Gpa H 01/05
m. A/C
n. Auntie C 01/15
o. M 01/? 

18. organize menu for Baby Shower with MIL 01/07
19. Write in my journal  01/18
20. Hang up pics in the house (craftroom 01/05) (living room ...) 01/17
21. Organize Lily/Archers closet 01/23 //
22. Give my hubby a back massage (i totally owe him one) 01/20
23. Sew Baby blanket  01/13
24. Scrap Jan. page of Lily's 2012 Monthly Album

25. Blog 5 Times: (i'll write in name of blog)
a. Paper Mache Photo Frame: Priest&Boys 01/04
b. G45 Once Upon A Springtime Layout 01/06
c. Watercolors 01/14
d. Baby Girl Mini Album 
e. Creating a Preschool Curriculum that's FUN 01/22

26. Develop photos from Christmas and New Years visits with family 01/04
27. Deliver Grandma Leveke's gift and spend a few hours with her 01/06
28. Enjoy a game/puzzle with the family Dizzy Dizzy DINOSAUR 01/15
29. Wipe of the kitchen chairs... ick 01/11
30. REDO the lighting for lily's playhouse  01/15
31. Schedule my massage ... hopefully with my mom for mother/daughter day! 02/21 For mom's birthday!

Wish me lots of luck, i'll be updating on this post with dates of completion, photos, etc.

#4.b. Mom's Birthday Card: I used the template from the weekly card challenge to make my mom's birthday card. Thought it turned out very nice, still need a happy birthday stamp or mb i'll print it with my label maker?

#17. a&b Made 2 cards with Lily last night, she wanted to use markers and stickers and this particular one she chose the Sleeping Beauty stickers. I must say this ended up taking quite some time considering none of us had seen the movie. We had to look up her name, the story line, etc to satisfy curiosity.. it was awfully fun though. 

#17.c&e  I've decided that each night I'd also like her to use something DIFFERENT to make the cards in order to keep it interest to her. Last night I was working on a layout that I splatter painted and thought she would totally dig it. She had fun but it was difficult for her to blow through the straw with such little lungs. (just realized, i could have cut the straw smaller.... duh) 

#17. g&l

#10. Organize my stamps... yep, did that! It really didn't take very long, but I had to go through some youtube videos with different ways to organize them before I decided on the one I thought would work best for me. 

box of holiday items to be stored away

my newly cleaned out rubber stamp tub and ink pad basket

& last but not least, my binder with clear stamps

LOVE these new ones I picked up today. 

#4.a. Make Brock's Birthday Card: I got a few new stamps today and one in particular was a birthday stamp. i realized that I didn't really have many for sentiments; which I still don't.  But I will surely continue to pick them up as I find them! 

This is just a really simple card I made for my nephew who turns 6 this month. I kept it super colorful!

#17. d&f Lily created lots of cards last night and was able to sit and "write" sentiments in 2 of them. She tells me what she wants to say and I write it in the card. They were very good though! In one she wrote "Thank you for giving me the tutu. I like wearing the jasmine slippers because they have pretties on them." In another she said "I like the Leap Pad (i call it Lily Pad) because it reads the books to me."
More Thank You's !!

#23. Sew Archer's Baby Blanket... Hem check. Ribbon will need to also go on, but this was what I meant by sewing it. I'll have to create a February to do list with the ribbon on it lol

#4.c. Making Josh's Birthday card: I will need to send this monday (01/23) in order for him to get it by his birthday. 

On the inside: May you live to be so old,
your driving terrifies people.

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