Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter Pajamas in Indigo + Unicorns

 Winter is certainly closing in on us here in the Midwest. Even though the forecast says we'll have quite a few 40 degree days (what?!) this month, I'm not a winter person and prefer above all else, to be in sweltering heat with no air conditioning. So, to me it's still pretty cold. haha 
Which has led me to make my oldest some new snuggly pajamas. She loves those pajama sets that have a matching top and bottom. We get them given to us from friends who have older children, but she has shot up another few inches and it's leaving her ankles a bit exposed. I thought I better take matters into my own seamstress hands rather than go purchase a new set. It sure does feel good to have practical skills. :) 

Lily picked out this indigo unicorn fabrics when we were at Joann's. It's pretty darn cute!

Pattern details: I didn't feel like purchasing a pattern to make them because I'm pretty frugal. I used the CKC Taylor PJ pants which is a free pattern they offer. Since she's so tall and skinny, I used the width of a 5t and the length of 7.  They fit wonderfully! 

After that I went to bed a few nights and laid awake thinking of how to convert a basic tshirt pattern into a button up. In the end I picked my all time favorite Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads. In order to make up for the lack of stretch, I sized up to size 8. Then, to create the button placket I did NOT cut the front on the fold and added an extra 1.5 in. to that edge. I sewed up the shoulders and side seams like normal, then drafted a quick collar by creating a 4.5 in. wide rectangle that was the length of the neckline with added seam allowance (minus that 1.5 in. that would later be folded over for the placket). After the rectangle was made, I slanted the short end of it to create that collar look. I sewed around everything except one long side and flipped it right side out. I attached that to the neckline, folded my placket, hemmed the bottom and added the buttonholes and buttons. Lastly, I created another rectangle of a cuff (you can make them as wide as you like) with some extra length for the overlap at the wrist to create another button placket. 

I was so surprised at how I was able to pull this off without buying a new pattern. I mean, I've drafted and changed my fair share of patterns but I usually run into a couple of problems and have to REALLY push myself to complete the project. This never happened! (whew!) I was able to convert the t-shirt into a pj shirt in around 2 hours. Not bad! 

I'm so excited to leave them on Lily's bed for her to wear tonight and hope you are all staying snuggly and warm! 

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