Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Very Happy Handmade Halloween: Sleeping Beauty, Wolverine, & A Baby Bear

Ah! I've been gone for so long, I wasn't sure I'd be able to jump back into blogging again! I've certainly missed sharing my handmade items with you guys, but I'll admit that the stress of photographing and writing posts wasn't. I also began selling my clothing and the constant promotion of my brand has dominated much of my "free time." 
BUT, here I am. Back and ready to share my 2015 Halloween handmade costumes. 

First up is Skye whose costume wasn't nearly as planned as the rest. I had the idea of using blanket fabric to create her a hooded sweatshirt, we already had the hat that I had sewn for Archer many moons ago, and I paired it with pink leggings to create a little baby bear. It ended up being a nice choice because the weather was a bit cold. She doesn't like strangers and wouldn't walk to any of the doors, but she did enjoy walking around the neighborhoods and staying up a bit late with mom, dad, and grandma.  

Lily had made it very clear that she wanted to be Aurora from Sleeping Beauty in the pink dress.  I used Simplicity 1028 and modified it to be what I needed. I'm not a huge fan of paper patterns, but it did turn out very nice. I struggled off the bat with the size charts. The size 7/8 that I would have guessed as her size was corresponding to my measurements, which is ridiculous. I mean, I'm a built sort of small but not eight year old small. I ended up using the width of the size 3T and the length of the size 5t. The sleeves were a tad tight around her arms still, I should have considered making the opening bigger. The cape came along after the news reported the weather to be fairly cold. I used fabrics that I had on hand, the outer being a pink and blue striped wool and the inner being a blue polyester blanket fabric. She still complained of being chilly but we hadn't thought to add pants under her dress (duh). 

Lastly, is Archer as Wolverine. THIS. KID. He spent the entire day of beggars night trying to convince me that I had made his costume all wrong (after previously being over the moon about it) and then FINALLY after telling him "Hey, bud. It's alright. You don't have to wear it." about fifteen times, he decided it was good enough again and went on his merry way, though he refused the gloves during trick or treating. Sigh. Oh, well. You can't win them all. 

His costume is made entirely of fleece and Titchy Threads Rowan Tee with a modified hood. The fleece doesn't stretch as much as knit so I would suggest jumping up a size- even if it's just in the width and not the length. So, Archer doesn't really like to wear any other type of pants in the winter and thankfully I found this option that we don't have to bicker over. It's a mom win ever day I get them all out of the house with weather appropriate clothing. I've made him three pairs of them so far. I'm sure many many more will be needed to get through winter.

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween and sneak pieces of your children's candy when they sleep.


  1. Glad to see you back! Great costumes. As a mother of the princess-obsessed (three years and counting of princess mania), I really like that simple Aurora dress. And the Wolverine costume is awesome!! I can't believe he did not want to wear the gloves, they are the best part. Skye is adorable.

    1. Thank you, it feels good to be back! I agree the gloves really made the costume, I even hurried the day of to finish them because I thought he'd be sad to miss out on the claws. Kids are so weird. haha

  2. Um, that wolverine costume is awesome.

    1. Thanks! I've used the Rowan Tee for two years in a row and it's been so adaptable for costumes! Last year I made him Batman with it and he STILL loves that costume to death!


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