Thursday, December 18, 2014

Small Fry Skinny Jeans in Floral

Another installment of skinny jeans for winter here today. I picked up this fabric a month or so ago and didn't expect that it would take me THIS long to make them. Oh well, the weather got warmer for a bit and has now dipped back down and she'll certainly need them.

We went through and pulled items from her closet yesterday and it's looking quite bare. While I love being as minimal as possible, I know she needs more than what she has. I think we need to hit the consignment shop for basic tees or something. And I probably should make her a few more dresses. Preferably long sleeved. 

These jeans turned out pretty well. 
I didn't do as well with sizing this time around. The rise on the butt is a bit larger than needed, so when I go to do my next purple pair I'll adjust that. Though, they might last a lot longer being slightly big. I was making my other pairs right on with her sizing and she was out of them right when the season was over. Kinda sad about that. 

I chose the half fly option because it rocks and she has no use for a fly. Well, other than forgetting to zip it. I love that even though it's winter, she's still my flower child and picked out this bright summery print. 

I got super angry while doing the front button, which ended up being a regular button rather than the traditional jeans button. The jean button pack I purchased from Joann's was ridiculous and while I followed the directions to put it together, they kept bending and messing up and wouldn't attach together. I ended up shoving all the pieces back into the packaging and vowing to take them back to get a refund or exchange. It isn't my first rodeo with these types of buttons and no other package has given me that much trouble. HMPH. I felt slightly guilty because I got pretty short with Lily while trying to get them to work. She kept suggesting things I should try and eventually I snapped at her a bit saying "What would HELP is if you would please stop talking to me while I'm struggling." While I love her ability to hold a conversation, it can become difficult when there needs to be silence and she just cannot manage to keep her thoughts inside her head. I'm sure one day she'll be sixteen and not speaking to me ever and maybe, just maybe, I will eat these words. 

I love the little added studs I put on the back pocket. Lily really likes glitz and rhinestones, so I thought this would help coerce her into wearing them rather than her usual dress + leggings.  We'll see how successful that is. She's a girl who knows what she likes, even if it is completely impractical for Iowa winters. 

Overall, I am so pleased with this pattern. Every time I flat fell a seam I fall in love all over again. The topstitching on the machine I'm working with leaves much to be desired, but I had to suck it up. I'm actually pretty excited at the idea of going sewing machine shopping. I've never purchased new, so this will be quite the experience. I guess the free one given to me years ago couldn't have lasted forever. 

On a different note...

I feel like I'm getting pretty predictable in my posts, basically stating and restating the same things over and over. I'm not really sure how to break out of that, but I'll be thinking about it and how I can rekindle my love for blogging. I still enjoy sharing my creations, but I'd like to enjoy writing what goes along with it, rather than simply filling in space. 

I doubt I'm the first to have gone though this? 


  1. Those are seriously cute! I love the fabric and the rhinestones add just the right amount of glitz! - Maegen

    1. Thanks! I STILL have to persuade her to wear them. Can't a mom catch a break?! lol ;)

  2. i totally love these and wish we had an action shot!!

    1. When I get a shot of her wearing them I'll totally update it, just for you lady!


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