Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Dresses for Mae & Co. 2014

This year is my first when it comes to selling handmade clothing. Instead of creating a bulk lot of dresses for the holiday I decided to try something different. I created sample dresses and took orders from there, which seems to be working out pretty well. I think it's really helped with keeping me from being overwhelmed and I also feel creative about what I'm making. Something I don't want to lose while moving to the business side of sewing. 

I chose to use the LLK Best Dressed Girl pattern for my holiday dresses. 
If you follow me on IG, then you've likely seen at least one of them before. 

The first one I made was basically traditional red & green. I wanted to break up those panels so I used a sparkly cream cotton as faux piping. 

With this first one I went by the books, but with later versions I added a couple of extra inches to the skirt panels to give it more twirl. 

The second version I wanted to play with this green & gold striped fabric- specifically to play with the stripes. I also wanted to try out the ruffles, which normally aren't my aesthetic. I really enjoy them in this dress, though I didn't make them as wide as the pattern called for. 

Super simple but I really do enjoy it. 

I made a third version using a blue herringbone that I purchased, and I love the dress in theory, but the fabric didn't wash up as nice as I'd hoped. It had a bit of pilling and I cleaned it up somewhat but ultimately chose that I wouldn't want to make multiple dresses out of that fabric - I'd certainly have to  pick one that washed nicer. 

So there it is, you've seen my holiday All Spice for Lily. You've seen three of my holiday dresses for Mae & Co. That's a whole lot of holiday! 

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  1. I am catching up after a long blogosphere break - these dresses are GORGEOUS. Each one of them. I have to check out the pattern. I love all your little touches too.


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