Monday, January 11, 2016

2715 in Floral Green Organic Cotton Plus Corduroy

Hi! I'm happy to be back and pairing up again with Organic Cotton Plus, a great resource for organic fabrics. I've worked with them once in the past showcasing the beautiful organic fabrics they offer. You can view that post HERE 

When looking through the site to decide which fabric I'd be working with, I came across a gorgeous corduroy fabric. It was REALLY tough choosing between the blue, green, and navy they offer in the fabric, but I ended up choosing the green as I thought it would look beautiful on my little lady, Skye. 

Aren't they pretty? 

I had just purchased a really cute new pattern by Mingo & Grace called 2715 and decided it would be a great chance to try out two new things. Since the pattern didn't have sizes under 2t I had to make a size larger than what Skye is in right now, which really isn't terrible since 2715 is a skirt + crop top and right now Iowa isn't having crop top weather. Come spring she'll be on point! 

The fabric washed up so nicely, it needed zero ironing and the colors were brilliant. I'm a huge fan of organic cotton and every time I work with it, I'm reminded of why. 

Overall, this outfit is just amazing. I love how everything turned out! I'm in the process of creating another set of the pattern and have just a tiny bit of the corduroy left over. I have plans to use it to make a winter hat because who doesn't need a pick me up of florals in the dead of winter?? 

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