Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mae & Co. SS15 Releases

How silly of me to have forgotten to show the last items released for Spring and Summer. I've be working endlessly to place items in local shops (locations have been updated under the Mae & Co. tab above!).   While I really enjoy custom orders, they are super time consuming and many times I'll spend hours on end communicating with customers who never purchase. It's totally part of the process, but for my families sake I'm moving into pre-made lines rather than custom orders. In a way, this is a big move for me. I NEVER thought I'd enjoy sewing 5 vests in a row, though once I began working this way I found it pretty gratifying. Yeah, it takes me much longer than one item, but when I'm all finished and have FIVE items hanging up, it's pretty cool. 

Alright, the last two items I released for spring are super cute. The first is another take on the vest that I've sewn quite a bit. This pattern rocks, it fits slim and looks so trendy dressed up or down and my son loves telling me that he's going to dance with a girl in a big dress and lipstick when he wears it. Totally fitting, right? haha!

I'll toot my own horn for a minute and say- aren't the jeans awesome?!?! I made those up to go with the vest for the photoshoot and he HUGGED them when I showed them to him. I've got this routine where when I make anything for Archer, I show it to him first to gauge his reaction before I really need him to wear the items. He seems to respond better this way. I use to just say "Look at your new vest!" thinking he'd be excited, but instead I was met with protesting screams of "I DON'T LIKE IT!!!" Oh man, and once he's made up his mind it's really hard to persuade him otherwise. Kids, I tell ya.

Next item is a summer take on the holiday dresses I made in December. It's got the gorgeous ruffles around the shoulders and this line of Cotton + Steel has my heart! 

Well, there you have it! Mae & Co. SS15 items are listed RIGHT NOW in my Etsy shop, though I am still just one person and create a very limited number of each garment. If you'd like to purchase, don't wait around! 

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