Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Sewing

Hey guys! 

I thought I'd check back in with you quickly to show some of the projects I've been tackling in my absence. I totally have the in-laws coming over in a bit to eat pizza (yay, Friday night!) and then take the two big kids to stay with them. That's means a bit of television and some sewing is in my near future! 

Ok, so nothing crazy spectacular here but another floral pair of Go-To Leggings (this time I added a pocket!) because I made Lily a pair last year and needed another. I'm always happy to make repeat items because I know they'll be used. 

Next is Archers finished Batman costume. I did throw a picture up on Facebook of all the kiddos in their costumes, but this one shows it better. It was a labor of love since I made it almost entirely out of fleece to accommodate the cold weather we get at the end of October, but I was pleased with it. Each year I try and make the kids costumes a bit cooler. This year I focused on adding some details - the attached cape and spikes on his sleeves. I also just realized that this photo has the cape before it was cut and hemmed with the signature scallops. 

Lastly, an Aster Cardigan for Lily. This was my first time making the pattern and I'm really liking it. I've made it a point after this one to get the collar all the way to the placket, but I still really like it. The fabric by April Rhodes is gorgeous and after washing it a few times, I appreciate it even more. The colors stay bright and the fabric itself doesn't get fuzzy. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend. Next week I'll be showing off Lily's holiday All-Spice dress when I participate in the Paisley Roots All-Spice pattern tour, which is like my 4th one! Such a fun dress. See you then!


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    1. He agrees with you and is actually wearing it now. I think it's his favorite item at the moment!


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