Wednesday, October 22, 2014

KCW Day 1 - Firestar

Day 1 of KCW 

Thank goodness that this round is right before Halloween. I need one more reason to get in my sewing room and get these costumes done or I'll be up the night before beggars night cursing. 

First up is Lily Mae who has requested to be Firestar, the superhero sidekick from the 60's show "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends."  She is technically wearing a suite that is yellow with red gloves but this momma isn't as up to date on her superheroes and accidentally mixed them up. Lily told me it was ok though, so life's good again. 

Also, don't stare too hard at the gloves. This was try #5 & 6, though I still would have kept tweaking them if I had more time. But, I don't- so they are what they are. Slightly imperfect, though still capable of taking out bad guys. 

I decided to make all their outfits out of fleece for 2 reasons. 
1. The weather in Iowa can get COLD for beggars night. 
2. Fleece was on mega-sale. 

Along with unpacking the ridiculous amount of junk I have- ay moving- I've got a couple of patterns printed and ready to tape/cut for her shirt. 

I'll spend some time this afternoon working on that and simultaneously solidifying my plans for Archer's costume. While doing Lily's I realized a couple of things that may be problematic for his. 

See you all tomorrow for Day 2!

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