Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day! annual tshirt for dad

Hey guys! 

Though I've been getting things done (amazingly!) ... it's been super quiet around here! This week I'm blowing you up with posts - including this one that I look forward to each year. 

Dad's annual Father's Day shirt. 

This is our fourth year creating daddy a shirt for his special day. Thus far it's been Lily and I throwing down some amazing screen-print/embroidery work, but now that Archer is 2, he's able to join in the fun. 

Lily did the family photo drawing, Archer added the embroidered designs using my machine, and I lovingly cut all of it out of freezer paper and helped Archer guide the fabric through the machine. Oh, and we all worked together to paint. This years shirt was a real team effort!

I wanted to add in a close up of this awesome drawing.  From left to right it's Archer, Lily, Me holding Skye, and then dad. I love how she drew the baby all wrapped up in her blanket. Too cute!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Father's Day!

Tomorrow I'll be over at That's What She Crafted showing off the swimsuit I created for my daughter.

Then on Tuesday I'll be back here showing you a big lot of clothes I've made for the Ainsley & Aiden Collection Blog Tour + a GIVEAWAY for the bundle. Don't miss all the fun!

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