Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Shirts & Mothers Day Present

It's mid-May and we finally have warm weather that lasts. This is what I've been waiting for. I was outside with my husband staring at our newly seeded yard and suddenly, as if there was a moment of clarity or a subtle hallelujah in my mind, I looked up and noticed how blue the Iowa sky was... and how green the grass was ... and I saw the beautiful blossoming trees... and heard the birds (it's like living in an aviary here). I just looked at my husband and said "Isn't Iowa SO beautiful?" 
I get that feeling when I come home from a vacation where I've studied their states distinctive features, then I come home and take a look at my life from the eyes of a traveler and I have a new found appreciation for what I see. 
That moment of clarity that I wish I could embrace every day.


Yesterday when the kids actually napped, I got in a bit of time to sew up another tee for the little guy. I've already instagrammed  them but they are too fun not to throw up on the blog:

First was a button up I created using The Classic Ringer Tee by Peekaboo Pattern Shop. It's a super simple sew and with the right addition, it's good for a button up pattern too. Originally it's for a knit tee, but I can give you a "how i did this" type tutorial.

To do it I:

1. Did NOT cut the front piece on the fold. Cut two separate pieces and give an extra 1.25 inches of material where the fold would be for the placket. 2.25'' if you want to just fold it over instead of sewing a separate piece for the lining of the buttons. 

2. I wanted it to have a little extra wiggle room since it wasn't a knit so I used my son's size (via the sizing chart) and added an extra quarter inch (.25 in) to the side seams.  (under the armpit) Also add that extra length to the non-folded edge of the sleeves so they will fit the larger arm hole. 

3. I used a collar piece from another pattern and enlarged it to fit this shirt. Add that & cover the seam rather than putting the rib knit on the neckline. 

4. I cut the back up into two pieces as a normal dress shirt would be. Meaning that I fold my pattern 1/3 of the way down the back (it's usually splits the curve of the arm in half when you do this). Then I added the quarter inch seam allowance. It would be really useful if I wanted to add a contrasting back piece like many designers I've seen are doing lately. So cute. 
If you like to add the little tuck that is often seen in dress shirts, add another .25'' to either side seam and create a box pleat in the middle before sewing the shirt back's top&bottom pieces together.  

I also created a knit T-shirt using the same pattern, no alterations on this one. 

I wanted to screen print something onto this one. 
I just free handed on the freezer paper. Guys, seriously, it's been two years and I haven't had to buy another box of freezer paper. It's the best investment I've made. Ok, one of them. Definitely top of the list & for $6 or so! (I can't even REMEMBER what i paid its been that long) 

Also, I completely forgot to post my Mothers Day gift. My husband and I decided to go with our strengths... mine is sewing, his is cooking. He makes some amazing bread & we quit buying store bread months ago. Instead he makes around four loaves every Sunday and we freeze a few. By the end of the week, it's all gone! Some very good stuff.  Anyways, we thought that we should focus on something from the heart that we are proud of. I made the bread bags & he cooked the bread. 

I didn't photograph the second bag and this one didn't have the string pulled through yet but I promise they were actually finished on Mothers Day. :)
It's fully lined for easy washing. 

I was excited to use more of my fabric from winning the "Calling All Kids" giveaway hosted by Alida Makes. I've talked about it a ton but I'm still not finished using the fabrics. I think I have four more left?
This one was my favorite, though. I needed it to be for something special and I couldn't think of anything more important than my mom. 
They also got a yummy bottle of their favorite wines. 

...& lastly 

Did you guys see I won a huge prize package from the Fabric Matching competition hosted by Kojo Designs & nearly every other blogger I look up to?? Yep, little ol' me. 
I'm already receiving them via email but all together I will have won some 13 patterns!

It was awesome. Absolutely awesome. 
Thanks to all the women who were a part of it, I feel like I got a second Mother's Day present. 
I will certainly be back showing you lots of new garments. What a motivation! I better get going, if I don't slip in some sewing now the kids will be up and I'll be kicking myself. 
Snip snip snip 
sew sew sew. 
Have a great week!

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