Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keeping busy in the cold weather

Although Colorado weather certainly trumps that of Iowa, its still nice to spend time inside during the chilly days. We went outside for a snowball fight today and lasted around 2o minutes. The snowman lost the battle.

Here are some projects I've been busying myself with post christmas...

Dad also came up with the idea to make a rewards wheel for lily. They made a lot of it when I was at work last week then we put together the rewards as a family. She gave us some good ideas and we came up with a few of our own. I used pictures from magazines and an old sleeping beauty book so it would be pretty too. <3 

Lily's Magic Box of Fun

i used magnets to put the pie pieces on. That way we could switch out rewards allowing them to be time appropriate. 
From top left to right. Build a fort, Play a Game, Read an Extra Book Before Bed, and Listen to Music. We also had Stay Up Late and Take a Walk. 

I store the extra pie pieces in an envelope on the back of the box. Lily named it Jennifer. For what reason I will never know. 

I even decorated the inside of the envelope with the leftover sleeping beauty scraps. 

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