Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Favorite Snow Day

I was thinking of what my family will do this winter for snow days... I guess you would need some background to follow this train of thought. My fiance and I own a house in Des Moines and on rainy days we would pull out old paint or other fun things and spend that day working on our project.  Now of course, we are renting in our new city and looking for a new house to call OURS. Unfortunately that wont be this winter and we will really have to start getting creative with these snowy day projects. Heres my most favorite from last year, we got the idea to paint my daughters room then ran with it!

the beginning of the ceiling 

I free handed the patterns, I HATE having things look perfects anyways so bring on the fun!

we started adding red in for a splash of color

That really started to pull it together

Our final ceiling

All of the twists and crooked angles make it look so fun and playful

I had previously made these letters for lily and they fit right into the new room

After getting the fan back up (thanks chet) and getting all the tape off, it looked great!

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