Monday, July 14, 2014

Racerback Dress in Stripes

Something's got to give when you have a new baby, right? 
I love sewing and blogging, but guys- this baby is gorgeous and snuggly and cute in all the best ways. 

She demands attention and I am easily swayed. 
Have I quit sewing? Hell no. 

I love to sew and would likely die if I quit. 
Ok, that's a bit exaggerated, but it'd be devastating to me. So what's going to give? 
PROBABLY my photos. I love great photos like all the rest of you, but they take time and patience and editing, and if I want to keep being a good mommy AND keep sewing - then the quality of my photos is the other portion that takes a chunk of my time. I'll try to keep them in the range of "good" ... but don't expect any magazine spreads on here for a while. 

It's all good though, I'll just have Lily toss her hair and that'll do it. 

ANYWAYS, I've made this pattern quite a few times before ... 

Like the upcycled one I made HERE, or the one I made as a tank top HERE,  or the first one I ever made (also in stripes) HERE.  Obviously I like it! There's not a ton to say about it since it's been used like mad and I've discussed my love for it in other posts. 

I've got a couple of other items to show you before the week is over and they're a bit more exciting.

Pattern: The Racerback Dress by Crafterhours (free download) 
Fabric: Striped Knit from Joann Fabric 


  1. haha! Lily is just gorgeous, so it's always good pictures! I know what you mean though. Love the dress!!

    1. Ugh- it kills me because I love me a good photograph that really captures the dress well, but that takes time that I just DON'T have if I want any kind of "life" --- i say life very loosely because even without good photos, I don't have much of an adult life. Just ask the friends I never see!


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